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Hawa food

Hawa food

* Eve's food *

The latest Turkish products of natural foods to increase fertility and benefit in cases of delayed childbearing for men and women.

Adam and Eve's food is a natural food compound produced according to Turkish quality standards by specialists with extensive experience in the field of alternative medicine.

The product is a mixture of the finest natural bee honey and a group of the best natural nutrients with varied benefits and contains an integrated set of proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

- Adam's food contains an extract of natural substances such as extract of figs, olives, mountain honey, royal jelly, black seeds, palm pollen, ginseng, propolis, ginger and thyme.

* Benefits of Eve's food:

- It increases physical strength and a sense of vitality and activity and works to improve the performance and increase the production of the hormone estrogen for women.

Production of healthy mature eggs

It improves ovarian performance and estrogen production.

The lining of the uterus and its thickness prepare it to receive the fertilized egg.

Get rid of ovarian cysts.

Increase sexual desire and fertility in women.

The weight of the package is 800 grams.

- Monthly use (two packages of Adam's food or Eve's food).

The average duration of use is six a

How to use

A tablespoon in a cup of lukewarm water an hour before breakfast and an hour before dinner

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Hawa food
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