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Extra Pro to strengthen the immune system

Extra Pro to strengthen the immune system

This product contains the best ingredients that strengthen the immune system

It fights microbial and viral infections as it is a multi-benefit product

Because its ingredients have been chosen with great care and thoroughness, it contains

Correctly extracted propolis preserves the active ingredients

It contains more than 300 active substances and minerals, the most important of which is zinc

, Barium, copper, cobalt, calcium, phosphorous, potassium,

Sulfur, Sodium, Iron, Selenium, Propolis and more

The most powerful antibiotic of all. Contains vitamin E,

C, B Studies have shown that it prevents and shortens the duration of the common cold

These often include sore throats and respiratory illnesses

And that is because it contains the enzymes useful in that matter.

Improving fertility of men and women

It treats endometriosis

• It reduces the high pressure due to the presence of nitric oxide, which is a substance

Important for heart health and the functioning of blood vessels and their inner lining

It relaxes the smooth muscles and leads to vasodilation

Blood flow and increased blood flow.

• Helps preserve bone tissue for acne

It works to calm the symptoms of seasonal allergies

It works to heal wounds and ulcers

Eliminates bad breath

• Addresses high temperature in humans

• Reduces levels of harmful fats and harmful cholesterol

How to use

A teaspoon dissolve in half a cup of warm water (temperature

25 ° C) and drink half an hour before breakfast and repeat before

the Dinner

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Extra Pro to strengthen the immune system
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