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Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit

Herbs and a roller device for germination and stimulation of the beard

The secret to a thick, strong beard with the volumising beard kit

The roller device opens pores and provides new hair formation in rare, empty beard areas.

Accelerates blood circulation and maintains the skin under the beard.

It consists entirely of natural herbal extracts

Thanks to its special content, it stimulates hair follicles and enables the formation of new beards in separate and empty areas.

Roller device It is a cylindrical device with very thin needles of 0.5 cm in length.

It helps to regenerate and repair the skin by speeding up blood flow in the applied area.

It adds an anti-aging effect to the skin.

This wonderful group is highly effective in germinating healthy, lush beards with regular use.

Who Should Use a Beard Growth Kit?

Those who have weak beards and mustache who have a problem with beard and mustache falling out, those with choppy beards

This care kit will be very beneficial for those who suffer from itching and burning on the skin under the beard.

What are the benefits of a beard care set?

Helps plump up sparse beard areas and sideburns in a short time by revitalizing hair roots.

Accelerating blood flow to the skin under the beard and refreshing the skin.

Helps the existing beard grow faster and has a thicker line

Thanks to its special herbal content, it treats the beard from root to tip,

Accelerates hair growth 8 times faster than before

How to use

Using the Roller Machine The skin must be clean before using the roller device without pressing the roller. Massage from right to left, and from bottom to top in a circular motion. There may be slight redness after applying the device. After application, the application area must be cleaned again. The beard serum is applied to the skin an hour after using the beard serum roller. First and foremost, the area to be used must be dry and clean. Take a few drops of the serum from the palm of your hand and apply it to the beard by massaging the root. Rinse with warm water after 30-60 minutes.

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Beard Growth Kit
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