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Beard germination serum

Beard germination serum
Beard germination serum
Beard germination serum
Beard germination serum
Beard germination serum
Beard germination serum

Beard care serum was prepared from the extract of natural herbs, it contributes to filling the spaces of the beard and accelerates its growth and activates and strengthens the existing beard

Accelerates blood circulation thanks to its special content and helps to renew skin cells and softens the beard and does not irritate it after shaving

Great care and a shiny beard

 Beard and mustache usually begin in the teens between 12-13 and their growth may continue until

Age 20-21.

Hormones secreted during adolescence contribute to beard growth.


In some cases, even though individuals produce equal amounts of hormones,

Some people may have a full and thick beard, while others have a sporadic beard

Very light. This may be due to the genetic makeup.

Aside from that, there are other internal and external factors such as eating habits

Stress, sleep disturbance, and skin problems can cause the beard to be choppy and weak.

It is common for beard not to grow or grow irregularly, to be prolific in some

The areas of the face and in other areas are not growing or weak

Therefore, people who are bothered by weak beard and mustache should age

Adolescence to take good care of their beard and mustache

How to use

Use of beard serum:

 Empty the herbal liquid into a well-known ice cube package and place it in the refrigerator

 Take a piece of frozen herbal ice cubes and hold it in a napkin or towel

 Rub the beard completely with the ice cube in a circular motion until it melts

Use of beard serum:

 Use on clean, dry skin

 Put several points on the beard and massage until the serum penetrates into the skin

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Beard germination serum
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