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Immune booster protection

Immune booster protection

Protective lotion contains a group of herbs that stimulate the body to produce natural cortisone to facilitate the treatment of all infections and remove various pains. Among these herbs are turmeric, thyme and licorice in small quantities, oralij, kinder, cloves, fenugreek and black seed oil.

Its benefits:

- It strengthens the immune system

It works to reduce high blood pressure

One of the best treatments ever in treating asthma and allergies

Works to expand blood vessels

Reducing high sugar levels

Improving sperm motility, increasing their numbers and increasing semen volume

Reducing harmful cholesterol

Enhancing mental functions

Treatment of liver problems and viruses

Treatment of rheumatic diseases

How to use

A tablespoon in half a cup of lukewarm water half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before dinner (twice a day only)

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Immune booster protection
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