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Curcumin cream

Curcumin cream

Curcumin cream contains several important effective elements that have a good effect in treating skin problems, the most important of which is the antihistamine curcumin, which treats skin infections by activating the particles that cause inflammation.

It is known that curcumin is the active substance in turmeric, representing from 2: 5% of it, and curcumin contains propolis that contains 200 active substances and is the most powerful antibiotic at all and has no side effects and was used in ancient times to treat various skin diseases and treat viral infections. Such as ---- venereal, bacterial diseases, wound treatment, tumors, and it contains antiseptic and antiseptic properties

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-ulcer

How to use

Apply two to three times daily on the site of psoriasis, burns, or infections

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Curcumin cream
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