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Personal Care

Model: LSP-2017
Contains 24k gold.  Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.  Eliminates signs of aging.  International Brand of the Year Award.  Luis Bien products were awarded the Best Product of the Year.  Customer Service of the Year Award.Louis Bayan Gold Serum SkincareAn advanced anti-wrin..
Model: LSP-2031
Whitening Active Carbon ToothpasteHelps prevent problems with yellowing, decay and plaque formation in the teethFreshens your breath, helps remove bad breath.It helps you get whiter and brighter teeth with regular use.Activated carbon toothpaste; It's an effective product specially formulated for th..
Model: LSP-2009
Powder to fill in beard spacesSpecially designed to fill in sparse and empty beard areasProvides the look of a full beardContributes to the appearance of the beard and its line in separate places.Easily choose the right color for you, increase your beard and give it the look you wantGives the beard ..
Model: LSP-2005
Beard care shampooThanks to its special herbal content:Nourishes beards and mustaches with necessary vitamins and strengthens damaged and weak beards.Thanks to its natural formula, it moisturizes the skin under the beard and mustache and helps prevent acne.It strengthens beards and mustaches, preven..
Model: LSP-2011
Beard care serum was prepared from the extract of natural herbs, it contributes to filling the spaces of the beard and accelerates its growth and activates and strengthens the existing beardAccelerates blood circulation thanks to its special content and helps to renew skin cells and softens the bear..
Model: LSP-2012
Herbs and a roller device for germination and stimulation of the beardThe secret to a thick, strong beard with the volumising beard kitThe roller device opens pores and provides new hair formation in rare, empty beard areas.Accelerates blood circulation and maintains the skin under the beard.It cons..
Model: LSP-2007
Black garlic oil and the new roller.Activates hair follicles and stops hair loss.It strengthens the hair roots thanks to its caring herbal content.Contributes to intensifying sparse hair and nourishes the scalp with the necessary vitamins. Black garlic oil is a type of caring oil that helps nou..
Model: LSP-2004
Black garlic oil is a type of caring oil that helps nourish hair follicles. It consists of fermenting garlic for a month at a certain temperature and a moist environment.The herbal black garlic oil helps stop hair loss and contributes to hair care. With regular use in a short time, you can save your..
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