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Active carbon toothpaste for teeth whitening

Active carbon toothpaste for teeth whitening

Whitening Active Carbon Toothpaste

Helps prevent problems with yellowing, decay and plaque formation in the teeth

Freshens your breath, helps remove bad breath.

It helps you get whiter and brighter teeth with regular use.

Activated carbon toothpaste; It's an effective product specially formulated for those who want more white teeth and fresh breath.

The tea, coffee and cigarettes that we use cause yellowing and stains on the teeth.

Thanks to its special herbal content; Helps eliminate problems like yellowing and blemishes on the teeth.

Makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Reduces the sensitivity of sensitive teeth and provides long-term protection.

The benefits of whitening active carbon toothpaste

100% natural whitening toothpaste Helps provide effective protection against hardened teeth.

Balances the pH value in the mouth.

Provides comprehensive protection against keeping breathing fresh for a long time.

Thanks to its lip softening properties, it helps prevent wounds that may occur in the mouth.

How to use

Take an amount of paste and put it on the brush.

Use the brush for 3 minutes and rinse your mouth well with water at the end of the period

Use twice a day regularly to get an effective result.

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Active carbon toothpaste for teeth whitening
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